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Success That Started in 1895

Pottstown Machine Company was Founded in 1895 and incorporated in 1926. Back then the company provided general machine and foundry work.

Throughout the years the company developed a popular line of special tapping machines, which it continued to manufacture until the late 1970’s. Many of these machines (known as Pottstown Tappers) are still in service across the world until these very days.

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about us

Pottstown has always preserved its high standards of service, constantly refining its range of products and solutions. In the late 1930’s the company began to develop a line of melting kettles, holding pots and ingot and sow molds to service the non-ferrous smelting industry.

Responding to the fast market changes, in the early 1950’s the manufacture line has been expanded to include die casting machine pots.

Today, the Pottstown Division of Dynaform Technologies is still known as a global industry leader. Our unrivalled reputation derives from our experienced and specialized people who will easily understand your requests and offer the best and most customized solutions.

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At Dynaformtech we work closely with each one of our clients from the initial consultation to the final delivery. As a well established reputable company, our clients' satisfaction is our top priority!

We create custom patterns, jobbing, type casting and machining, at every possible quantity and weight. We stock a large inventory of finished molds, melting and holding pots that are ready to ship the same day.

Everything we produce is proudly made in the US! Contact us now and see how we can help you with your Casting or Machining project.

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