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Dynaform Technologies offers Kettles, Cast Iron Crucibles and Furnace pots in over 40 different sizes. Sizes range from as small as 1 inch in Diameter and 1 inch deep to 72 inches in Diameter and 50 inches deep with capacities of 1 cubic inch to 156,000 cubic inches. Should you require something we currently do not offer we can design and build a Pattern to produce one that would meet your needs.

Our Sow molds are typically made of Cast Iron, Ductile Iron or Steel and regularly used for Aluminum, zinc, Galvalume, Copper and Kirksite.

An Ingot or Sow mold is used for casting relatively pure or refined metal into suitable shapes and sizes for further processing. If you require Cast Iron, Ductile Iron or Steel ingot molds or sow molds for your smelting or refining operation our experts will be able to help you find or design the right mold for your operation, regardless of the metal your working with or size and shape you require.

Yes Dynaform Technologies has produced 1000’s of Slag molds ranging from a few pounds to over 5000 pounds. If we do not make one to fit your needs, we will work with you to design and build one that will.

Yes, we definitely do. Designed to meet the metal melting needs of the non-ferrous casting industry, the Pottstown soft metal furnace is ideal for both intermittent and high production usage with lead, tin, solder, babbitt, zinc, and all other white and soft metals.

Dynaform Technologies Inc. is a full-service supplier providing Patterns, Casting and machining in sizes from 1 pound to 10,000 pounds 1 piece to 1000,s of pieces in nearly any metal.

When ordering PULLMORE CLUTCH replacement parts, be sure to furnish the inside diameter of the clutch body and the largest outside diameter of the shipper sleeves. Also, make sure you request an oil or dry, single or double type clutch. If you know the number of your PULLMORE CLUTCH, please use the list shown on our Pullmore Clutch Parts page.

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With 100+ years of experience and 1000’s of successful custom designs, we always strive to deliver competitively priced, high quality, precision metal products on a clear schedule. You can rest assured that you receive a quality product at exceptional value.

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At Dynaformtech we work closely with each one of our clients from the initial consultation to the final delivery. As a well established reputable company, our clients' satisfaction is our top priority!

We create custom patterns, jobbing, type casting and machining, at every possible quantity and weight. We stock a large inventory of finished molds, melting and holding pots that are ready to ship the same day.

Everything we produce is proudly made in the US! Contact us now and see how we can help you with your Casting or Machining project.

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