Dynaform Technologies specializes in the design and production of Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Ingot Molds, Sow Molds, Pig Molds, Slag Molds and Slag Pots.

If it’s metal, we have made a mold for it.

Since 1938, the Pottstown division of Dynaform Technologies has been a leading source of air cooled and water cooled ingot molds, sow molds, pig molds, slag pots and slag molds for secondary smelters worldwide. Our expertise, outstanding quality, and attention to detail are second to none.

Our molds can be cast in a broad range of shapes and sizes and from a variety of alloys, including (but not limited to):

  • Cast Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • Steel
  • Aluminum

Custom Pig Mold Projects

If you already have your own custom design, that’s great! If you need help with your design, one of our designers will be happy to assist you. Here are the steps:

  1. You tell us your requirements
  2. We create a technical drawing
  3. You approve or suggest changes to the technical drawing
  4. We build a suitable pattern which meets your design criteria
  5. We cast, machine and assemble your mold (if required)

From your first consultation through our finished mold, Dynaform Technologies’ design and manufacturing expertise streamlines your project, saving you time and money.

Count on our knowledge and experience.

Recent Pig Mold Projects

  • Ductile Iron 2,000 lb Lead Sow Molds
  • Cast Iron Air and Water Cooled Anode Molds
  • Cast Iron Air and Water Cooled Babbitt Molds
  • Cast Iron Air and Water Cooled Solder Bar Molds
  • Cast Iron Air and Water Cooled Tin Molds
  • Ductile Iron Air Cooled Gold Molds
  • Ductile Iron Air Cooled Silver Molds
  • Ductile Iron Aluminum Ingot Molds
  • Ductile Iron Aluminum Sow Molds
  • Cast Iron Billet Molds
  • Cast Iron Copper Molds
  • Cast Iron Wirtz Style Lead Conveyor Molds
  • Cast Iron Lead Ingot Molds
  • Cast Iron Lead Pig Molds
  • Ductile Iron Lead Sow Molds
  • Cast Iron Sample Disc Molds
  • Ductile Iron Slag Molds
  • Spectrograph Disc Molds
  • Zinc Conveyor Molds
  • Zinc Sow Molds
  • Cast Iron 2″ Ball Molds
  • Cast Iron 1-5/8″ Ball Molds
  • Aluminum Air Cooled Tin Anode Molds
  • Ductile Iron Lead Slag Molds
Water Cooled Billet Mold

Water Cooled Billet Mold

Two new, recently designed and built 4 cavity, 3” and 4” diameter water cooled billet molds. Machined cast iron cavities that rotate in the stand for easy billet removal. Works great for making tin, lead or aluminum billets. Other sizes available. Contact us for more detailed information.


New 18″ Conical Slag Pot

We now make an 18″ conical slag pot.


12 Cavity Solder Bar Mold

This 12 Cavity 1 pound Water Cooled Solder Bar Mold is constructed of Cast Iron. Cavities are totally machined for easy release. Mold can be engraved on the bottom with your name, logo or type of material.

Water Cooled Notch Bar Mold Pattern

6 Cavity Cast Iron Water Cooled Tin Notch Bar Mold

This 6 cavity mold produces a bar roughly 13-1/4” long, 2” wide and 1-1/4” thick.  It can be supplied with or without notches.  This mold can also be supplied, mounted in a steel stand with bearings.  Contact us for more detailed information.


Ductile Iron Sow Mold

Made from Ductile Iron, this 5,000 cubic inch Sow Mold is suitable for the casting of Aluminum, Tin, Zinc or Lead. The design and dimensions of this mold can be customized to the customer’s requirements as well.


4 Cavity Water Cooled Mold

Cast Iron 4 Cavity, Water Cooled Pig Mold. Each cavity holds approximately 100 cubic inches of molten metal. This will make a 9-3/4 lb. Aluminum pig, a 25 lb. Tin or Zinc pig and a 40 lb. Lead pig. Mounted on a steel frame with heavy duty bearings to easily turn. Many other size pig, ingot and sow molds are available.


4 Cavity Water Cooled Mold


5 Cavity Lead Pig Mold

This 5 Cavity Cast Iron Water Cooled Lead Pig Mold can be supplied mounted in a steel stand with air or hydraulic push pins to remove the pig. Each cavity has a 160 cubic inch capacity and can produce a 15 lb. Aluminum pig, a 40 lb. Kirksite, Tin or Zinc pig or a 65 lb. Lead pig.


1-5/8″ Zinc Ball Mold Machine

1-5/8″ Zinc Ball Mold Machine, casts (18) 1-5/8″ diameter Zinc Balls. Molds are water cooled for quick cycle times. Can be supplied with air or hydraulic mold opening and closing system.


2″ Zinc Ball Mold Machine

2″ Zinc Ball Mold Machine, casts (18) 2″ diameter Zinc Balls. Molds are water cooled for quick cycle times. Can be supplied with air or hydraulic mold opening and closing system.


2″ Zinc Ball Molds

2″ diameter Zinc Ball Molds for 6 Cavity Water Cooled Zinc Ball Mold.

cavity anode mold

11 Cavity Anode Mold

Our 11 Cavity Cast Iron Anode Mold is perfect
for producing Zinc or Aluminum Anodes. As
with all of our molds, your name or logo can be cast in the bottom at no additional cost. Many other sizes of air and water cooled anode molds are available.

3 Cav WC Lead Pig Molds

3 Cavity Water Cooled Lead Pig Mold

Metric Conversion:

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters

1 pound = 0.453592 kilograms

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