Dynaform Technologies specializes in the design and production of Cast Iron and Ductile Iron Ingot Molds, Sow Molds, Pig Molds, Slag Molds and Slag Pots. If your business involves smelting, recycling or metal and/or metal alloy production, Dynaform’s standard and custom sow molds can help you get the job done in an efficient and profitable manner. Our sow molds are known for their excellent construction and our attention to detail.

We understand how many factors can affect the size, shape, and type of sow mold you need. Our sow molds are typically made of cast iron, ductile iron or steel and are regularly used in the casting of aluminum, zinc, kirksite, lead, Copper and Galvalume

In addition to considering its function, we take into account the many other factors that will determine how well our sow mold can be of use. We know from experience that factors such as your furnace size, fork-lift, and crane capacity need to be addressed carefully before deciding on a sow mold that fits seamlessly into your production line.


If it's metal, we have made a mold for it.

Since 1938, the Pottstown division of Dynaform Technologies has been a leading source of air cooled and water cooled ingot molds, sow molds, pig molds, slag pots and slag molds for secondary smelters worldwide. Our expertise, outstanding quality, and attention to detail are second to none. That’s why Dynaform molds are known for their durability and excellent design among Secondary Smelter Professionals. Put it all together, and our molds allow you to produce more, saving you both time and money over their long, productive lifecycles.

Our sow molds can be cast in a broad range of shapes and sizes and from a variety of alloys, including (but not limited to):

  • Cast Iron
  • Ductile Iron
  • Steel
  • Aluminum

Take Advantage of Our Large Inventory of Sow Molds

We always maintain a large inventory of finished sow molds and melting pots. And if we don’t have the standard Sow mold or Melting Pot you want in stock, we can usually manufacture it and have it shipped to you within a few weeks. That’s Dynaform service.

You Can Count on our Knowledge and Experience for Custom Mold Designs

If you already have your own custom design, that’s great! If you need help with your design, one of our designers will be happy to assist you. Our technical knowledge is based on years of practical experience.

Here are the steps involved with getting a custom sow mold to fit your needs:

  1. You tell us your requirements
  2. We create a technical drawing
  3. You approve or suggest changes to the technical drawing
  4. We build a suitable pattern which meets your design criteria
  5. We cast, machine and assemble your mold (if required)

From your first consultation through our finished mold, Dynaform Technologies’ design and manufacturing expertise streamlines your project - once again, saving you time and money.


Some of our recent sow mold projects include:

  • Ductile Iron 2,000 lb Lead Sow Molds
  • Cast Iron Air and Water Cooled Anode Molds
  • Cast Iron Air and Water Cooled Babbitt Molds
  • Cast Iron Air and Water Cooled Solder Bar Molds
  • Cast Iron Air and Water Cooled Tin Molds
  • Ductile Iron Air Cooled Gold Molds
  • Ductile Iron Air Cooled Silver Molds
  • Ductile Iron Aluminum Ingot Molds
  • Ductile Iron Aluminum Sow Molds
  • Cast Iron Billet Molds
  • Cast Iron Copper Molds
  • Cast Iron Wirtz Style Lead Conveyor Molds
  • Cast Iron Lead Ingot Molds
  • Cast Iron Lead Pig Molds
  • Ductile Iron Lead Sow Molds
  • Cast Iron Sample Disc Molds
  • Ductile Iron Slag Molds
  • Spectrograph Disc Molds
  • Zinc Conveyor Molds
  • Zinc Sow Molds
  • Cast Iron 2″ Ball Molds
  • Cast Iron 1-5/8″ Ball Molds
  • Aluminum Air Cooled Tin Anode Molds
  • Ductile Iron Lead Slag Molds

Rely on Dynaform Technologies for All of Your Sow Molds & Ingot Mold Needs

Founded in 1895, incorporated in 1926 and developing holding pots, melting kettles and ingot and sow molds for the non-ferrous smelting industry since the late 1930s, Dynaform Technologies has been extending its product line and excellent customer service for a long time. Ready to let us help you achieve increased productivity? To learn more about our products and service, fill out our contact form now. One of our representatives will get in touch with you shortly.


Brand New 18″ Conical Slag Pot

We now make an 18″ conical slag pot.


Ductile Iron Sow Mold

Made from Ductile Iron, this 5,000 cubic inch Sow Mold is suitable for the casting of Aluminum, Tin, Zinc or Lead. The design and dimensions of this mold can be customized to the customer’s requirements as well.

1500-F SOW MOLD 003

1500-F Sow Mold

This 10,500 cubic inch, Ductile Iron Sow Mold weighs approximately 2,000 lbs.  It will hold approximately 2,500 lbs. of zinc, 4,200 lbs. of lead or 900 lbs. of aluminum.

ZAMAC Top View

ZAMAC Sow Mold

This is our 1,600 lb. Ductile Iron ZAMAC Mold.

GRSM-4 Molds 001

Ductile Iron Blast Slag Molds

These Ductile Iron Slag Molds have a capacity of approximately 12,000 cubic inches.

Slag Mold Pattern

Ductile Iron Slag Mold

New pattern for an 8,000 cubic inch capacity ductile iron slag mold.  2-1/4” thick wall with outside dimensions of 45-1/2” x 45-1/2” x 21”.  Mold will weigh approximately 3,000 pounds empty.  Contact us for more detailed information.

Metric Conversion:

1 inch = 2.54 centimeters

1 pound = 0.453592 kilograms

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