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Pottstown Division

Your one stop source for furnace, die casting machine pots, ingot, sow and pig molds.

die-casted ingot sow molds
For nearly a century, Pottstown Division of Dynaform Technologies has been a trusted supplier for smelters and die casters around the world. Our products include heavy walled alloyed iron melting pots and kettles, sow molds, pig molds, and ingot molds. All of these molds can be either air or water cooled. We also manufacture various types of conveyor molds used for aluminum, lead, slag and zinc. We produce molten metal pumps, slag troughs and slag spouts as well. We can supply non-ferrous furnaces in gas or electric for melting aluminum, babbitt, lead, solder, tin and zinc to name a few. During our many years of service to aluminum, lead and zinc smelters around the world we have designed and manufactured hundreds of different types of ingot and sow molds. Chances are we have already manufactured what you are looking for.

Great News !!!

In addition to our high quality line of ingot molds, cast iron kettles and crucibles supplied to secondary smelters throughout the world, Dynaform Technologies can now supply all the Besser and Columbia Concrete Mixer parts previously supplied by General Foundry LLC. We supplied General

Foundry LLC exclusively for nearly 15 years, until they ceased operations in January, 2015. Now, we can supply the same quality Nihard mixer blades and liners, as well as all the fabricated and machined parts directly to you.

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gold and silver molds

Custom Design/Manufacture We have the know-how and experience to take your project from idea to completed product. Just provide us with your drawing or idea and we will develop a design for your approval, build the pattern, cast and machine to your most detailed specifications.

Additional Services Our additional services include custom patterns and jobbing type casting and machining. Whether you need 1 piece or 1001 pieces; 1 lb or 10,000 lbs you can trust us to professionally manage each project from start to finish including patterns, casting and machining in iron, steel, aluminum or bronze. You can take advantage of our decades of experience to save you both time and money.

Choose From Our Existing Inventory We maintain a very large inventory of finished molds and melting and holding pots. Choose any in stock pot or mold and chances are we can ship it the same day. If the pot or mold you need is not in stock, we can manufacture and ship it to you in as little as one to two weeks.

Prompt Price Quotations Put our experience to work for you. Email us your requirements, drawings, specifications or ideas to, fax us at 215-541-1199 or phone us at 215-541-1100. We will get back to you promptly.