Soft Metal Furnaces

Designed to meet the metal melting needs of the non-ferrous casting industry, the Pottstown soft metal furnace is ideal for both intermittent and high production usage with lead, tin, solder, babbitt, zinc, and all other white and soft metals. Our popular soft metal furnace comes in five standard sizes with lead capacity ranging from 160 to 2,700 lbs. The heavy duty cast iron and rolled steel construction combined with the thoroughly insulated steel body provide the efficiency desired by modern manufacturers, while still maintaining the old-fashioned ruggedness our customers have come to expect from a Pottstown engineered furnace.

  • Constructed of two heavy gauge rolled steel jackets reinforced by stainless steel threaded rods. Furnace body firmly secured with cast iron top and bottom rings.
  • Rated for continuous duty at 1,000°F
  • Efficiently lined with 1,200°F block insulation.
  • Can be set up to operate on either low pressure natural or propane (LP) gas. Conversion from one fuel to the other requires only a simple orifice change.
Soft Metal Furnaces
Model Furnace height Inside pot diam Inside pot depth Tin capacity in lbs. Lead capacity in lbs. Zinc capacity in lbs. Approx. shipping weight in lbs. Gas connect BTUH in 1,000’s Melting time, in minutes Inside
160 22 9 85 160 80 80 ¼ 30 30
250 25 12¾ 165 250 150 180 3/8 50 45
500 30 15 11 340 500 300 300 3/8 75 45
1,000 34 18½ 14½ 750 1,000 700 500 125 60
2,700 37 26¾ 16¼ 1800 2,700 1,725 1,100 235 85

Please note: Melting time is approximate as applied to lead and varies according to conditions. Dimensions of pot do not include flange.

Pot construction
Our soft metal furnace comes standard with a thick, heavy duty cast iron melting pot with extra wide flange. (Our cast iron pots will provide best service life when used for melting non-ferrous metals such as zinc or babbitt and their alloys.) The extra wide flange helps prevent fluxes, metals, drosses, scale or debris from clogging flue passageways.

The burners
All soft metal furnaces are heated with our simple raised port ring burners. Our burners are designed to hold their own against high radiant heat and combustion chamber temperatures, as well as demanding production schedules. The raised port ring burner features hand-drilled ports to produce shorter flames with smooth and quick ignition and excellent turndown.


  • Recommended for melting lead, tin, zinc, pewter, solder, babbitt, kirksite, and most die casting and white metal alloys.
  • Can be used for non-ferrous die casting, solid mold casting, sand casting, precision casting, and many specialty casting processes, as well as zinc (hot dip) galvanizing.
  • Popular with industry, trade schools, laboratories and artisans.

Models 250, 1000 and 2700 melting furnaces. Larger ovens equipped with temperature control solenoid valves and Baso safety valves. All equipment supplied with cast iron pots. Rated for use up to 1,000°F.

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