We Have to Make It Here In America, If We Are Going to Make It!

Posted on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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A multitude of daily choices we make
impact more than ourselves and our families. They impact our community and our
country. Manufacturing is the answer. We need to put Americans back to work!

When a factory closes, the dominos start falling. Every manufacturing
job creates 15 jobs outside of the factory; the gas stations, the stores, the
restaurants, the electricians and plumbers who maintain the factories, chefs,
hair stylists, insurance agents and many more. When the factory goes, those
jobs follow. When only one job is lost at a factory, 15 jobs in the community
are at risk. It impacts everyone. Buying American recirculates money in our own economy and gives other Americans
opportunities to prosper.

We need to understand, as a country, that we must protect
and support our manufacturing jobs. We must fight to put Americans back to work!
Consumers have amazing power in a country, and we can change our country,
ourselves… now, without waiting for
politicians. It’s really quite simple. Every time you buy something, make sure
that it was made in America.

Willing To Pay A Premium?

Made In America

According to a Gallop poll, nearly two-thirds of Americans
are willing to pay a premium price for products made in America. Some say twice
as much. The good news is that we don’t have to. In fact, with overseas labor
rates rising at a faster rate than they are in America (China 10% – 15%
annually) many items made in America already cost less!

Not only can Americans do the work, but we can do it with
better quality, we can do it faster, and we can do it at a lower price!

Economists state that if we all spend just 5 percent more on
American made products; we will create a minimum of 1 million more jobs for
Americans! We have to believe that Americans can compete. With the growing overseas
wage gap and subsequent cost of goods produced quickly closing, it’s
increasingly impossible for manufacturers to justify the other costs associated
with offshoring including shipping, delivery delays, and the overhead that
comes with maintaining large inventories.

When doing the math, as many as 1 million jobs would come
back to the USA if companies would recognize the mathematical common sense for
themselves and reshore their manufacturing processes.

Massive Job Losses

Made In America

Although domestic manufacturing jobs have been on the
decline since the 1960’s, massive job losses in the U.S. began at the Millennium.
Between 2000 and 2009, more than 5 million manufacturing jobs were lost due to ‘outsourcing’.
That’s a fancy word for, ‘you’re fired’! Multiply that number by the 15 jobs
outside of the factory that were also affected, and that quickly explains why
Detroit (where 70,000 buildings lie abandoned), Philadelphia, Allentown, and
dozens… hundreds of other U.S. cities are in the state of disparity,
depression, and extreme disrepair. Today, it’s hard to find anybody who
hasn’t been adversely affected. In reality, the great recession has touched all
of us. We all know someone who has lost a job, their home, or their entire life

Many Manufacturing Jobs Are Lower Middle Class

Made In America

So, were those 5-plus million manufacturing positions that we
lost truly that great? Were the jobs that were lost really better than the jobs
that have replaced them? YES!!! Since the 1960’s, manufacturing has always paid substantially
more than the minimum wage. Even today, the manufacturing jobs that remain pay
an average of $20.17 an hour. That’s
nearly three times the federal minimum wage. It’s enough to vault a worker out
of poverty and solidly into the lower middle class.

Manufacturing is at the center of the economy; it’s highly
connected with most other sectors such as transportation, retail, mining,
utilities and business services. Manufacturing companies also account for about
77% of what the private sector spends on research and development each year. If
it weren’t for manufacturing, there would be very little innovation in the
United States.

The Wrap Up

Made In America

American manufacturing isn’t dead by any means. But the loss
of well-paying manufacturing jobs has devastated the working class and
made achieving the American dream increasingly difficult. Technological
advancements and the rise of low-skilled manufacturing in China and other
developing nations mean that fewer Americans work in factories, just as
technological advancements 100 years ago meant that fewer Americans worked on

The solution is not the politicians… it’s you and it’s me,
the American consumer. Together everyone achieves more. Together we unite and together
we buy American. In doing so, we support America and we support Americans… our
neighbors, our brothers and sisters, our nation’s founding backbone. We all rise together!

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